Bìxié Press Kit

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our game. If you would like any additional information or assets, let us know and we’ll make it available for you. ♡

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Fact Sheet:
Developer: Team FriendsRelease Date: June 9, 2021Platforms: Windows and MacPrice: FreeAvailability: Digital DownloadLanguages: EnglishESRB: E for everyonePress Contact: [email protected]Website: https://play-bixie.carrd.co/


Fight monsters, save the kingdom, and... Fall in love? Bìxié is a co-op side-scrolling beat-em-up about two girls trying to find balance between duty and self. The primary gameplay involves solving simple puzzles, fighting enemies, and discovering more about the world through visual novel scenes.

The art style consists of animated pixel art during the sidescrolling gameplay, alongside static illustrations for visual novel sections. It is inspired by traditional Chinese watercolor paintings and calligraphy.

Key Points
Chinese-American cultural metaphor
LGBTQ+ protagonists
Co-operative experience
Simple & easy gameplay
Hand-drawn illustrations, mimicking calligraphy & watercolor
Adorable pixel animations

Official Trailer:


Download higher resolutions of all the images (+ some bonus GIFs) here!

Team Story:

Team Friends is a group of undergraduate students from the University of California, Santa Cruz making games as part of our senior capstone thesis project. We began as a group formed by a team-matchmaking questionnaire, and we slowly grew into the close-knit team of 13 we are today.

We're a team made up of loving and supportive people who are passionate about making narrative-focused games. We also really love frogs!

Team Logo:

Download higher resolutions of all the images (+ some bonus GIFs) here!

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